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MSR Talent is a specialist Real Estate Recruitment Agency based out of Sydney. We recruit across the entire real estate sector. We work with exceptional candidates working in Real Estate Sales, Management, Business Support, and Marketing roles. Forget transactional experiences – at MSR Talent, we strive for something deeper. We’re passionate about forging genuine connections that unlock unparalleled service for our clients and candidates.

Meet The Team

Michael Stanic photo

Michael Stanic

Meet Michael! Not your average recruiter, but the go-to guy for all things Real Estate talent.

Michael has a background working within Real Estate and hospitality, which lead him in 2018 to recruitment within the Real Estate and Property sector where he has been able to apply his service first approach.

He takes pride in fostering long-term relationships, helping candidates achieve their career goals and agencies build superstar teams.

Passionate about travelling, sports and always up for a chat and a laugh (unless it's about his beloved Tigers' latest loss)

kim west

Kim West

Meet Kim! Originally from far up in the mountains of Norway but traded the cold for the sunny shores of Florida in 2010.

After a decade of experience in hospitality across the globe and three years in real estate on the Lower North Shore, Kim has honed his skills in understanding people's needs. This passion for growth led him to recruitment, where he thrives in guiding people towards their goals and being the industry’s matchmaker.

When he’s not on the phone, you can find him running on the beach, exploring the national parks, or enjoying quality time with his beloved sausage dog, Minnie Moo.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all interactions with clients, candidates, and colleagues. This includes maintaining confidentiality and respecting the trust placed in the company.

  • Excellence

    Striving for excellence in every aspect of recruitment, from candidate sourcing and selection to client satisfaction. This involves continuously improving processes, staying updated on industry trends, and delivering high-quality service.

  • Collaboration

    Fostering a collaborative environment where teamwork and mutual support are valued. Encouraging open communication and sharing knowledge to achieve common goals and deliver the best outcomes for clients and candidates.

  • Innovation

    Embracing innovation and creativity to stay ahead in a dynamic real estate market. This includes adopting new technologies, exploring innovative recruitment strategies, and adapting to changing client and candidate needs.

  • Client-Centricity

    Placing the needs and goals of clients at the forefront of everything we do. This involves understanding their unique requirements, providing personalised solutions, and delivering exceptional service that exceeds expectations.

  • Professionalism

    Demonstrating professionalism in all aspects of our work, from our appearance and communication to our interactions with clients, candidates, and partners. This includes maintaining a positive attitude, being reliable and responsive, and adhering to high standards of conduct and competence.


Our Mission Statement

find job within real estate in Sydney

Our mission statement is “To provide unparalleled service to our clients and candidates with true care factor.” This isn’t just about filling positions; it’s about understanding your unique goals, aspirations, and challenges. Because when we truly care, we can deliver results that exceed expectations.

For clients, that means going beyond sourcing top talent. We become strategic partners, delving into your company culture and growth objectives to curate a talent pool that fuels your success. Imagine finding not just skilled candidates, but individuals who seamlessly integrate into your team, ignite innovation, and become driving forces of positive change.


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